Where it starts. (Or ends.)

Exploring themes of uncertainty and space.

#Journaling. The “why” of journaling: seeking, asking questions, finding the patterns, themes. Prewriting the stories.

Skimming online is changing brain chemistry, blocking ability to focus on denser texts. Story via @cambodiadaily #zine

#Aesthetics. Texture, depth, and detail are missing in how we create these status updates. Just skimming, we miss the artfulness of things. Or am I wrong? Thoughts?

Need more time to practice making and doing creative stuff that’s not for work? Checkit!—> http://kismuth.wordpress.com/cojournal2014

#Aesthetics. How does your ‘inspiration office’ look? #amwriting

#Street. Falling in love with Khmer aesthetic. Pictured, the public space and texture of #cambodia’s #phnompenh.

#Poetry in visual form. Five bright notes on a gate in Phnom Penh.


'Parisian' パリジェン


#Aesthetics. Joy is a beautifully designed space.


Away from the protests, but in #Bangkok, there was this.

Drawing, illustrating. For @designkompany’s todayiloveyou.com project, exploring image, consumption, brands, extrinsic ideals, and intrinsic realities.

When you have the time to go back and notice, the little things are totally endearing.

Five Rings and Four Agreements

A lady I just met recently wanted to “cut me down,” as the Book of Five Rings would have put it.

"Oh, you’re doing journaling online? Who would ever need help with writing, and why do you Americans think you have something important to say? I don’t want to read anybody’s memoir or biography—-I don’t have time."

"You sound like you’re against this kind of thing," I said. Giving her space. Not taking it personally. One of The Four Agreements.

She said, “I’ve tried a lot of them.”

Sometimes people have one idea about what a thing is, and then, they don’t even try to investigate further. We’re in a world that likes to get it done, but also get it done quickly. Quality gets lost, though, when you zoom around like that. You can’t discern the good thing because you’re busy “satisficing,” a term from what people do when they’re quickly browsing the web.

Journaling is my thing. I love making space for it, and I love having new people join me in the process of exploration, daring ourselves to discover, articulate, and express what’s within. Sometimes the picture’s nice, sometimes unbelievably surprising, but raw and honest: that’s the idea.

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This little chicken has something to say. More very soon.

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