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Among the wildflowers you can find… you

Among the wildflowers you can find… you

TONIGHT I READ at an open mic at Java Cafe, where there are some writers and poets gathering every month who talk about which words are most inviting and engaging to them, at this point in time. Khmer poetry, tonight. Korean, too. This was a mix that I could get into. This was international.

The piece I shared is something I just wrote and this very day submitted for a column I write for a…

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Reconnecting with America

YESTERDAY I GOT back to Cambodia.

I was in California for the last five weeks. Maybe six. I kind of lost track. I almost missed my plane, too, but not because I didn’t have things organized, only because I was completely distracted by the many threads of new and different paths upon which one might traverse to discover the new, the near, and the next. Thank you to the people in the Bay Area who…

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Monday village report #35: The second coming

Monday village report #35: The second coming


SOME DAYS I think it didn’t happen. Not really. Not in that way, like that, with the loose and floating feeling of distance and yet, powerful closeness, too. I see waves and the mixture of burning color and white light, sense the twilight and hope mixed into prayers. Some days, I wish I could close my eyes and not really see it, though I always will. I have it, stored, in my mind’s eye. A…

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Monday village report #34: Sensing and reveling in abundance

Monday village report #34: Sensing and reveling in abundance

20140316-221105.jpgTHIS SUMMER I’ll be in California. And more than usual, I’m guessing, I’ll be thinking about Abundance.

The sense that there is always more. That we are not in boxes, or constrained by the things we think we are. Maybe because loss touched my life early, in childhood, but maybe because of something else, I find the optimism in people to be their brightest beauty. Always more. Always plenty.


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Thursday Thought: If in this moment

Thursday Thought: If in this moment

cropped-20140421-124629.jpgQUIET SPACE starts with just looking, doesn’t it?

Noticing. Appreciating. Grace.

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Monday village report #33: Get to it before it gets to be too late

Monday village report #33: Get to it before it gets to be too late

Logic in all its infinite potential, is the most dangerous of vices. For one can always find some form of logic to justify his action, and rest comfortably in the assurance, that what he did abides by reason. That is why, for us brittle beings, Intention is the only true weapon of peace. ― Ilyas Kassam

I HAVE BEEN infusing myself for the last five years with this kind of thought. That if you…

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Thursday Thought: Dear #NorthCarolina

Thursday Thought: Dear #NorthCarolina

KISMUTH, while still Stateside, took Greyhound to Asheville from Durham. This was in North Carolina, a place I used to call home, and the visit that turned out to be so much more than a recreational stepping-away from day-to-day duties of laundry, routine, and minding my small son. It was a few summers ago, when I still had hope that there was something to have returned to North Carolina for,…

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Why nothing else matters except this one thing

Why nothing else matters except this one thing

SAT DOWN with a pen and some new filler paper for a six-ring binder that’s smaller than B5 size that I’ve had since the mid 1990s. It has a Montreal sticker on the inside flap and a “Form ever follows function. —Louis Sullivan” decree cut from a magazine, Architectural Record?, and taped on the inside back one. And yeah, that tape’s held up. I’ve had it all this time thinking I’d finally get…

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Thursday Thought: A peek of Carolina blue sky

Thursday Thought: A peek of Carolina blue sky


BEING VERY FAR from the trees and the blue of the Carolina sky in North Carolina, USA, means often thinking about what it’s like there. It was easy to get nostalgic about seasons, trees on Broad Street, and the conversations with people I’ve known for fifteen years when I was looking at going back there after 10 years away in different parts of the world. You go away and you see what home is.…

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Monday village report #32: Making time and space

Monday village report #32: Making time and space


IS WRITING OR DRAWING or doing something else that’s creative important to you, but you find you don’t do it enough?

Why? Busyness. Or rather, lack of focus and difficulty prioritizing the thing that matters to me personally the most. Why do we do this? How can we make time and space to better create room for what we care about? (Aside: here’s one way.)

I have a funny feeling it’s not “allowed”…

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Flooding #phnompenh #cambodia

Thursday Thought: Wordsworth predicted this, didn’t he

Thursday Thought: Wordsworth predicted this, didn’t he

The World Is Too Much With Us
The world is too much with us; late and soon,
Getting and spending, we lay waste our powers;—
Little we see in Nature that is ours;
We have given our hearts away, a sordid boon!
This Sea that bares her bosom to the moon;
The winds that will be howling at all hours,
And are up-gathered now like sleeping flowers;
For this, for everything, we are…

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New #Sharpie stuff. todayiloveyou.com @digitalkisses

Monday village report #31: Seasons

Monday village report #31: Seasons

daddc823-34e2-4a06-9c42-a2a92f00af1e (1)

ONE OF THE THINGS that happens when you start to reflect on the important things (which happens if you unplug for a few days) is that you discover the details. Right around you. Where you are, and where you finally make space to truly look.

Going on the travels did a lot of shift-making. The recent excursions have, too. More to come. For today, though, I’ll just stop here.


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Grand Canyon, Arizona

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